Monte Zovo Harvest 2018

Monte Zovo Harvest 2018

22 October 2018

The harvest in Veneto
Quantity: + 22% compared with the harvest of 2017  

The beginning of the vegetative cycle occurred with a slight delay compared to last year, which was then recovered thanks to the positive meteorological trend, so much so that maturation, especially for early grapes, has returned to the normal condition. Until the first fortnight of July the rains alternated with a sunny days, favoring an optimal vegetative cycle. The temperature range between day and night was also good. The germination had a regular and homogeneous trend. The hailstorm phenomena are uncommon and restricted. Post-flowering has evolved almost perfectly.

The month of August was characterized by a strong thermal leap with temperatures that permanently exceeded 32-34°C until the middle of the month.

The conditions of Corvina was excellent. Currently the conditions are optimal for the grapes destined to be dried, with healthy bunches of adequate size. Qualitatively the first findings of the cellar highlight the products of all consideration and the prerequisites for obtaining quality wines with many excellent tips and some of excellence there are, especially for the white grape varieties, much will also depend on the course of the month of September. Quantitatively throughout the region an increase is expected between 20% and 25% compared to last year, which leads to a production of 10.3 million hectoliters.

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