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Le Civaie Estate

Our Lugana vineyards are grown respecting the biodiversity at the fullest, in accordance with the Biodiversity Friend protocol.


Our wines borns in a place of rare beuty. At the base of San Martino della Battaglia tower, it is possible to spot the Lake Garda in the distance. Here, the typical white clays, give origin to grapes and wiens of unique quality.

Geographical Location

The vineyards of our Le Civaie Estate, are distributed in two different areas of the Lugana Denomintion, in the municipality of Pozzolengo and Desenzano, both in the well known lombardy’s area.

Here, we are in the southern part of the Lake Garda, below the famous Sirmione peninsula, known since the times of the latin poet Valerio Catullo. The name of this area cames from the fact that here there was a forest called “Selva Lucana”. This was before the land remediation operated by the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice in the 1400, who transformed it in fertil ground for cereals – from where come the name “Le Civaie”.


Even if the vineyards which compose our Lugana estate are quite distant one from the other, we cannot say that they are sostantially influenced from specific local conditions, unless for the nearby presence of woods and reliefs.

Therefore we can say that in the whole Lugana denomination the microclimate is heavily influenced by the presence of the Lake Garda, whose warm breezes grant and ideal climate due to its mildness and low incidence of the termic excursion between day and night. This is the ideal climate for the local varietal, the grape Turbiana.


The distribution of our vineyards in the two differnt municipality acquires more importance if we look at them in terms of soil.

The vineyards located in Desenzano, are characterized by the precence of sedimentary clay, mainly of calcareous origin and rich in minerals. In this area the clay is more coriaceous than in Pozzolengo, and confers more minerality to the wine. In Pozzolengo, the soil is characterized by sandy clay and by the presence of low hills of morenic origin which have a good gravel presence. This confers freshness and volume to the wine.


Also in terms of altitude the different distribution of the vineyards acquires significant importance.

The area of Desenzano, in fact, shows a flat landscape. This is the heart of the Lugana denomination who grant a more typical style to the wine. The area of Pozzolengo, intstead, in particular the one at the base of San Martino della Battaglia tower, where our vineyards are located, shows a low hill landscape, where altitudes do not exceed 130 meters asl. Our vineyards are equally distributed between the two different area.

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