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Tregnago Estate

Our Valpolicella estate is grown respecting the biodiversity at the fullest, in accordance with the Biodiversity Friend protocol.


All the vineyards are located at an altitude ranging from 300 meters up to 600, higher than the average altitude of the denomiation.

Geographical Location

The Tregnago estate can be localized in the north east area of Verona, well known as Eastern Valpolicella, characterized by altitudes on avarage higher than the rest of the same denomination.

Our vineyards, in particular, lay on the top and on the slopes of the mount which divides the valley of Mezzane from the Illasi’s one, and they are located just on the border with the wonderful nationanl park of Monti Lessini. This is the part of Valpolicella whic is considered the mostly incontaminated and wild, thanks to its mounts, its forests and steep valleys.


In our Tregnago vineyards the microclimate is very peculiar, because it is influenced by some of the specific condition of the territory where they are localized.

In fact, if we can say that generally the entire area is subjected to a mediterranean influence, exactly as the rest of the Valpolicella’s one, then the peculiar position of our vineyards, located at higher altitudes than the avarage quotas, make them subjected to higher termic excursions between day and night. This grants the most favorable conditions for grapes maturation and they qualitative grow.


The Tregnago estate, whose vineyards lay over two different valleys, shows morphological situation that sometimes are peculiar between one and the other valley.

But, in general, we can say that the soil composition is marly, with a clay loam underground. Therefore there is an high presence of a calcareus component, as well as an organic one. This has an impact on the final product as it confers structure and body, acting also on the aromatic characteristic of the product by emphasizing the fruity notes on the nose.


Our vineyards in Tregnago can boast to be cultivated at an higher altitude than the rest of the winemakers of the Valpolicella denomination.

The distribution of the property hectares is 70% between 300 and 600 asl. The highest vineyards are the ones surrounding our drying facility. The altitude has a great importance for the cultivation of the vine and for the quality of our grapes as it is a factor that affects the microclimate and acts on the vegetative-productive state of plants and the ripening of the fruits.

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